building your own villa

Building your own villa

Buying a plot of land and building your own villa has become very popular on Koh Samui. It can be financially rewarding however it will depend upon what you want to build and where you want to build.

Options of buying a plot can be either in a managed estate where you will have monthly management fees for the communal areas, or you may choose a standalone plot. Either way, both should be considered and decided upon carefully to suit your purpose.

When building your own villa, make sure you are committed. There’s a lot to consider but with a good builder or construction company on Koh Samui they will be able to talk you through the steps.

If you are considering building for investment purposes, think about what the general buyer would like, rather than something personal to you. This will enable your villa to be sold quicker.

For top tips on what buyers are looking for in new Koh Samui properties, contact Emma and she can advise you, like she has done with many of her clients.