Samui Properties Condo / Apartment Sales

The Koh Samui property market is very different to the rest of Thailand, mainly due to its building regulations, so you won’t see high-rise blocks of condominiums, apartments or hotels. There are only a few condo licenses allocated on Koh Samui, so the majority of the property market consists of villas to suit most budgets and other low level properties, making Koh Samui an attractive place to invest. Many developments are run efficiently with either onsite or third party property management teams, making them good investments with fruitful rental yields.

Condo definition – Built with an official license. 49% owned in a foreign name and 51% owned in a Thai name or a foreigner as a 30 year lease.

Apartment definition – No license and ownership is through a 30 year lease. Thai company may be an option.

If you are unable to find a Koh Samui condominium or apartment that matches your requirements, contact us with your exact criteria and we will source what it is you are specifically.