Building Regulations

In order to build on Koh Samui, you must comply with Koh Samui's building regulations. 
Builder Regulation

Environmental Regulations

These regulations are defined by the height above sea level and were enforced by the Koh Samui Land Office in May 2014.

  • Under 80 meters above sea level – No additional rules apply, except hotels or projects with 10+ units will have to comply with the % of land that can be built on and have water/waste treatment facilities.
  • Land 80-140 meters above sea level – The land size to be a minimum of 100 square wah (400sqm) and for a single family home. The structure cannot exceed 6 meters and 50% of the land must be left green. The architectural design to be based on traditional Thai, tropical or local aesthetics and the roof must cover of 80% of the building. Water drainage system in place to prevent flooding.
  • Land 140 meters or more above sea level – Same as above, however the property footprint should not exceed 90sqm. If the land gradient is 35-50 degrees, a 6 meter high, single family home is permitted. 75% of the land cannot be built on and 50% of it must have native trees and greenery. If the gradient is more than 50 degrees, construction is not prohibited.

It is important to take full legal advice as the above points are to be used as guidelines only.