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About Real Estate

Koh Samui Real Estate just like Real Estate around the World has become an important asset for investors of all sizes. As more airlines and flight routes open up, more and more money is being spent on overseas property. As well as an asset, there’s also the benefit of renting the property out as an income, which should cover your costs and more, along with using it as a holiday home for family and friends too.

When buying a property overseas, it is important to look at the different options including taxes, ownership structures and how your property will be maintained from a distance.

Koh Samui, a very small island floating in the Gulf of Thailand, a destination of choice by many holidaymakers and investors from around the World. Buyers choose Koh Samui property as an investment due to its ongoing development, without loosing its island charm.

There’s a wide choice of Koh Samui properties, from small hotel style condo’s up to the large hillside or beachfront villas…there is something for most budgets.

If you are unable to find Koh Samui land that matches your needs and requirements, please do not hesitate to Contact us with your exact criteria and we will do our utmost to source what you are specifically looking for.